Upgrade Your Top Drawer with Eroix

Eroix Hawaii Lei

A startup business from Kailua is looking to not only change the way we think about men’s underwear, but also how it is worn.

Text by Jackson Groves

Wearing Eroix’s undergarments, you often forget that you are wearing anything. It’s a stylish layer when you have stripped down, but also provides practicality and function, especially in a hot climate—the design prevents rubbing, bunching, and sand getting stuck in awkward places.

Eroix is an emerging Hawai‘i brand that has decided to throw away briefs, undies, and boxers.

Instead, partners Parker and Jenn Ellenburg developed an innovative and bold range of “underneathwear,” a term coined for a product that fills a void in undergarments available for men.

The Ellenburgs live in Kailua, on O‘ahu’s east side, and are part of a tight-knit creative community fueled to innovate, create, and break boundaries.

From that culture emerges unique ideas—Eroix is a direct result of this inspired environment. With the brand, their aim is to create practical and beach-ready underwear that also makes a bold fashion statement.

While boxers have a billowing, bulky effect that often impacts the fit of clothes, these garments are slim and elastic-free, since elastic is prone to compress the skin and ride or bunch in uncomfortable areas.

Instead, the underneathwear has a single button or a drawstring, similar to a pair of board shorts.

Eroix’s underneathwear is also made from 100-percent woven materials and tailored to individual sizes, such as a 32 or 34, giving a more specific fit rather than the common small, medium, and large sizing.

Eroix underneathwear hawaii

Many customers have found the design, style, and feel of the underneathwear so comfortable that they have also used them as board shorts.

“I wear them as shorts, and many people have decided to use them for other purposes than an undergarment,” says Parker, a third-generation inventor. “We are working on something to specifically address that desire to have a cross-over, hybrid garment.”

Eroix has already had requests from all over the world, including Australia, Canada and England.


Eroix’s full range of underneathwear can be found on O‘ahu at Oliver’s in Kailua, located at 49 Kihapai St., or online at eroix.com.